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stand for one world one cause Blue and green stand for say no to sectarianism. Also a silicone bracelet can be used as a promotional item for entertainment or sport. It is hot sale as a advertisement gift. Most of the silione bracelets are of no meanings , people wear it just as a popular jewellery. The method to recognize true and false silicone bracelet First, the false sonline silicone wristband makerilicone bracelet is easy to suffer from deformation while the true one has good memory to snap back and relatively small permanent deformation. Second, the real silicone bracelet touches smoothly with special surface treatment and easily stick with dust , hair and other impurities. Third, when it burned with fire, the false silicone bracelet will come up with the black material on the edge while the true one shows white powder. And final, tell a reliable method to clean the bracelets. Get it soak in warm water for 3-5min, rub a few and add the detergenonline silicone wristband makert if necessary. Then all done after drying by air.  

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Some people prefer a single color, while others like to stack them up with a variety of hues and designs. Actually, wearing these colored rubber bracelets aren’t just for the purpose of being trendy. The fact that they look great as arm candies is just a bonus. These colored rubber bracelets are mainly sold for a cause, and different colors convey various meanings. Green rubber bracelets are usually used to support ecology with messages like "SAVE OUR EARTH" and "PEACE", leukemia and Muscular Dystrophy with the message "I WILL" and organ donor-ship. Sometimes it is used for general cancer support. Lots of the time green just has fun and silly messages. Sometimes the green rubber bracelets glow in the dark. When people are seen wearing green bracelets, this means those individuals are supporting causes that relate to bipolar disorder, lymphoma, celiac disease, cerebral palsy, and Tourette’s syndrome just to name a few. Colored rubber bracelets that are green may also mean being open to organ donation. Additionally, many environmental causes have adopted the color green for their bracelets.             how-much-should-you-sell-rubber-band-bracelets-for

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